The High Point of Mont Kiara

About two months ago, excited owners started collecting the keys to their Pavilion Hilltop units. Pavilion Hilltop is a prestigious condominium which is, well, situated at the top of a hill.

But what caught my attention was that it was marketing itself with the tagline “The High Point of Mont Kiara”

This got me thinking 🤔

With Malaysians being particularly obsessed with height, I had to do some checks. After countless hikes up both mountains, I found this site instead that shows the elevation of a location based on Google Maps.

Finding a sweet spot in the middle of the 3 tower blocks of Pavilion Hilltop, the altitude was given at 117 meters.

Doing the same for Kiaramas Ayuria gives an elevation of 133 meters. So I guess that settles it.

However, it is worth nothing that Asia Quest claimed Ayuria was 470 feet above sea level, which is somewhat higher than the 133 meters (approximately 436 feet) estimated by Google Maps.

Now that’s something else to think about…  🤔

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